A little bit about Mervyn

I thought for my first posting on here I would tell you a bit about Mervyn
He was a devoted man to his family and friends,  His wife Beryl, Children Janet, Stephen and Alison, and Grandchildren Simon and Megan.
During his working life he was a well respected member of the workforce at a local cement works there he progressed to Senior Production Manager but had to take early retirement due to a heart attack  followed by  triple heart bypass surgery.

During his career one of his great pastimes was the restoration of Blodwen, Blodwen was a steam roller which I will tell you about sometime later in this Blog. It was a very proud day when Dad and those who helped him were finally able to "Steam up" and Blodwen rolled out in all her glory

Throughout his life Mervyn came into contact with people from all walks of life but he treated everyone the same.
He was a keen fisherman, enjoyed gardening and staying with Mum at their Caravan at a beautiful quiet campsite in Mid Wales where they met some lovely people who became very good friends of theirs.

My Dad was very passionate about Local History and was a valued member of the Local Historical Society which he enjoyed immensely and contributed valuable information.
He also compiled a book called "My Early Life" this was about his life growing up during the second world war. Snippets of this were put on the BBC Wales Website  a few years ago called "Mervyns Memoirs"  they still remain there today along with other memories of his.
He also too part in a BBC Wales TV Programme about Childhood Memories of growing up in Wartime Wales.

Mervyn was also a very determined man who would speak his mind quite openly (vex or please)  if he believed in what was right for people He was very keen to help anyone in any way he could If you ever had a problem he was always there as a friend or Dad, He was always the one to ask, 9 times out of 10 he had the answer /solution, if on the odd occasion he didn't know he went to great lengths to find out for you.

My Dad lost his very short battle with Cancer in September 2009 aged 69.
From becoming ill,  then being diagnosed, and losing his life to the illness was only 3 short weeks so you can imagine what a shock it was to all who knew him especially us - his family.
It was the biggest shock for my Mum who sadly passed away only 4 months after Dad this January 2010 she too was only 69 years old
They married when they were both only 19 and had celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in July 2009

Mervyn was a unique character who left a lasting impression on all he knew and whom he came into contact with and is greatly missed by everyone


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